3 Simple Ways To Improve Health & Wellness

The truth is there are dozens of things you can do regularly to improve your health and wellness like actively keeping in touch with your local Winnipeg dentist. If you want to know what some of them are, then read on. We’ll discuss three simple ways to do it.

You have heard this time after time, you should exercise regularly. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, make sure you exercise at least three days per week. A good exercise regime consists of both weights and cardio, but feel free to choose one over the other if need be. The benefits of exercise includes improving your overall well-being and health. It does this by improving heart health and reduces your chances of many obesity-related diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure to name just a few. If you want to be healthier and feel better, then exercise 3-5 times per week.

If you want to gain strength, then train with weights and increase the amount of weight you lift. There are many benefits of having a lot of strength, so don’t be afraid to push yourself at the gym.

Drink Water

Water is great for you and plays a crucial role in health. You should drink at least 60-ounces of water per day, or 6-8 glasses. If you want to make water even healthier, then infuse it with lemon or any other kind of fruit. Veggies can be used too. You will be surprised by the amount of people who don’t drink enough water. Drinking water flushes your system of toxins, hydrates you, maintains regularity and promotes weight loss. Water can help make you feel full, which is why it can play a role in losing and maintaining your weight.

Stay Away From Salt
Salt is no good for your health, especially when consumed in excessive amounts. A high salt intake can lead to high blood pressure levels. Don’t add salt to your foods. If you feel like you need to add flavoring to your food, then add dried herbs, lime juice, garlic, lemon juice or pepper flakes. If you can cut down on your salt intake or stop consuming it altogether, then it your body will have an easier time keeping itself balanced (health wise) and more hydrated and your blood pressure may become stabilized.

Staying away from salt and exercising can do wonders for your health and wellness. The same goes with drinking plenty of water. Start doing those things today.…

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Seeking Truth In A Sea Of Health Related Articles And Products

The internet is a wonderful platform for learning about our health and well-being. Millions of articles based upon health and illness are available online for all to access. While a good number of these articles are truth based there are just as many that are based upon old wives tales, or other forms of falsehood. One of the best ways to ensure that an article is based upon facts is to consider the source. If interested in a particular disease or health ailment, one should only trust reputable websites.

A trustworthy website is usually affiliated with a medical facility, physician, or is a health education site ran by the government or other reliable entity. Where the information comes from is just as crucial as the facts the information contains. A fine example of why this is so important is the fact that many social media outlets are crammed with ads and articles promoting products that do little else other than tricking someone into buying it. Individuals that suffer from an illness can easily get tricked into purchasing products and supplements that promise to heal, when in fact they do not.

Many products that make promises of healing can actually be dangerous for a certain people. Sickness is something we all want to avoid, so products that promise to prevent certain illnesses are also widely available online. While the human body benefits from supplements, it may not utilize these supplements in the manner the advertiser claims. Before ordering any supplements or medical products it is wise to consult with a local physician about the product in question. It will be helpful to print the information about the product, along with the contents and the dosage recommendation label to help a doctor determine if the product will indeed be helpful.

When we suffer or are in fear of suffering from illnesses, we can become irrational and fall for useless products and their empty promises. Though most supplements are harmless, they can provide the opposite in results. Products that are recommended by a family physician should still be investigated before purchasing. Better yet, ask the physician for the name of a reputable brand and manufacturer. This will help reduce the risks of taking supplements that can actually be harmful. Additionally, since many supplements work better when combined with others, a consultation with a physician, as well as doing research into a particular supplement will produce the best results.…

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How much you sit may seriously impact your health

sitting bad for health


The news has been making the rounds that sitting can significantly increase your risks for cancer and other diseases. They aren’t talking about having a sedentary lifestyle; it is the actual position of sitting that is being discussed. This means it won’t matter how healthy a lifestyle you live, it won’t undo the effect of just sitting for the majority of your day. In fact, new research shows that even sitting for just one hour can undo the effect of a day’s good diet and run around the park.

Why some people are saying “sitting is the new smoking”

The term “sitting is the new smoking” has caught on as a way to try and explain the health impact of sitting. It doesn’t really get it right, as it fails to address that the risk is coming from non-movement – not a carcinogenic habit. Unfortunately, for as flashy and dramatic as that catch phrase is, it could hurt the efforts to educate people about why sitting is so bad for your health. We already know that a sedentary lifestyle is bad, but just sitting at your desk? Yes, just an hour can be a part of what makes you ill – it has to do with the new understanding of how the body functions.

The new thinking about movement

Previously, most of the investigation about movement and exercise has focused on creating a type of snowball effect in the body. Everyone knows that the body keeps burning fat after you exercise as part of the recovery system, so it made sense to think that the same gym session would have lingering benefits for the rest of the body’s systems as well. Turns out, the body doesn’t work like that. Major systems, such as the lymphatic system, are dependent on movement to work correctly. If the lymph system is not in constant motion, then toxins are building in your system and your immune system is impaired. Sitting is one of the worst positions for the human body because it is not in motion and allows gravity to counteract circulation too. As an example, employees that work with storage solutions, and are in constant movement, presents less spinal damage than those who spend the whole day sitting in an office. However, if you need any help with storage facilities take a look at this page.…

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More fat lost through breathing than burning

healthy womanA recent study by researchers at the University of New South Wales has revealed a startling fact about weight loss that is changing the way doctors and nutritionists think. They found that 80% of fat leaves the body via the lungs; a low 10% is actually burned and processed out via other methods like sweating and conversion of the fat to fuel in the cell. The knowledge that fat exits as mostly CO2 means that how you breathe is more important than what you are doing – within reason.

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Just breathing hard won’t do it

This doesn’t mean that all you have to do is hyperventilate yourself to a healthy weight; the process is much more complicated than that. It still takes motion and physical stress to trigger the breakdown of the fat into its three parts, and then to convert the majority of the fat to CO2. What it shows is that the target goals and ranges for exercise are much different than initially suspected. Just putting in the time to burn calories won’t be as effective as doing blasts of exercise that are cause you to also breathe heavily.

What the evidence suggests

The main change is an understanding of the composition of fat after it has broken down. While it has been known for decades that it breaks down into a triad of elements, the ability to measure the percentage ratio of the elements has been lacking. This new study was able to measure the ratio effectively and show that 80% of the fat is converted to CO2 and exhaled.

Changing and adapting your routine

The old school of thinking really looked to heart rate and sweat as the primary indicator that fat burning was going on. Now, science is looking not just at the thermogenesis but also at the rate of respiration. The deeper you can breathe while exercising, the more fat you stand to lose. This may bring about a new approach to help those with morbid obesity or mobility problems that prevent them from fully exercising to lose weight safely.


Here are some tips on how to breathe properly to promote fat loss:

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Tips for Fighting Allergies

fighting allergiesIf you have allergies, you know that you feel absolutely miserable when you’re in the midst of an attack. You’ll suffer symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose, itching, and more. The best way to treat allergies is to figure out what is causing them and avoid it.

Find Your Triggers.

First of all, you want to figure out what is triggering your allergies. You can either visit your cosmetic dentist and get an allergy test or you can- by process of elimination- figure out what your triggers are. Some of the most common allergy triggers are: animals, certain foods, dust mites, medications, mold, and pollen. You want to make sure you identify your allergy triggers as specifically as possible.

Tips to Prevent Allergies:

  • If seasonal pollen is one of your triggers, make sure you stay inside as much as possible and keep windows and doors closed. Also, consider installing a filtration or vent system in your home to filter out the pollen.
  • Dust mites live in bedding and are one of the most common allergy triggers. Purchase some allergen-proof covers and seal your comforters, pillows, and mattress. Another option is to get a latex mattress- as long as you don’t have a latex allergy.
  • Get a dehumidifier if you reside in a climate with high humidity. Mildew, mold, and dust mites survive and thrive best in humid climates.
  • In the bathroom, use an exhaust fan or keep a window open.
  • Get a vacuum with a HEPA filter and use it often.
  • Don’t install carpet, or have any carpet you do have taken out. Dust mites love carpeting and it’s nearly impossible to get them out.
  • If you suspect that certain foods are causing your allergies, eliminate them from your diet. If you’re allergic to foods such as milk, corn, or wheat, learn some new ways to cook.
  • Saline solution can help to loosen nasal secretions. It is not a medication and can be used as often as you need it.
  • Carefully read labels when you’re using an OTC antihistamine. There are many of them that cause drowsiness. You should not drink alcohol when you’re taking them.

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The link between depression and inflammation

Scientists in Canada have discovered what may be a game changing factor in the successful treatment of clinical depression. They documented that in a comparison of brain scans between those with depression and those without, that there was a significant level of inflammation present in the brain of those with depression. Depression is one of the most difficult illnesses to treat as its cause is as yet unknown. While there is medication for it, it is not effective for everyone.

30 to 50% of patients with depression don’t respond to medication

A large majority of people diagnosed with clinical depression do not respond to medications. There are many other therapies that have limited success with alleviating symptoms, but these new findings could go a long way to explaining why medication may not work for most. It also stands to redefine depression and how it is diagnosed. Central to really understanding the impact of this study is determining the onset of the inflammation, does it come as the precursor or the result of the depression?

How the brain responds to trauma or infection

Inflammation is the natural response of the brain to trauma or infection. It is when inflammation stays after the initial incident that it becomes indicative of a greater issue at hand. Some life choices such as career can also have an effect on the amount of time you will deal with symptoms. Dentists (who are known for depression) will commonly suffer from inflammation for longer periods of time than say somebody in the automotive business. What scientists are trying to determine now is how prevalent is the inflammation in populations with a diagnosis of depression versus the population without. If clinical depressionthere is a prevalent rate of inflammation in those with depression, then this will lead to the next question – which came first?

Which comes first?

If the inflammation is present in many people who have depression, then the next question is whether the inflammation is a symptom or a cause of the depression. Either will result in a radical reconsideration of how we treat depression. If the inflammation is the cause of the depression then there is a physiological treatment that needs to be found. If the inflammation is a symptom of the depression, reducing the inflammation rate may also reduce the symptoms of the depression.…

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Sugary drinks may speed early puberty

girl drinking sugarA recent Harvard study proposes that a diet of sugary drinks can force the early onset of puberty by almost 3 months for girls. That doesn’t sound like anything to be worried about until you look at the long-term effects of early onset puberty. The rush of sex hormones that are linked to high sugar spikes in the bloodstream can have a longer term detrimental effect on a woman’s health. Soft drink companies are not happy with this study, saying it is too early to point the blame at them. What the study does however, is point the blame at much more than just sugary drinks.

The impact of high-glycemic diets on pre-pubescent girls

The study focused on sugary drinks, but what researchers were focusing on was the level of sugar to look at the impact of high glycemic diets on pre-pubescent girls. The influx of glucose then triggers a rush of insulin and other hormones in the body. Some of these hormones are the sex hormones, and all of these hormones – in a blast in a pre-pubescent body can trigger an imbalance in trigger functions that will last through out the person’s lifetime. It can also induce menstruation 3 months earlier than the average girl would experience it.

Diet drinks don’t have the same impact

One of the things that the study looked at was whether or not diet drinks, and drinks with artificial sweeteners had the same impact on the hormone metabolism in the body. They did not find any evidence that a similar hormone trigger occurs with these. There is enough evidence that researchers are planning to pursue an expanded version of the study looking at the diets of pre-pubescent girls to further identify other factors from high glycemic diets that can impact the onset of puberty.

What you should know now

What you should know now is that early onset of puberty is not ideal for the health of girls. The research suggests that avoiding a high glycemic diet can help to avoid early onset. The average age of puberty should be about 13.8 years of age.

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source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dg2eMCx9TE…

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