How much you sit may seriously impact your health

sitting bad for health


The news has been making the rounds that sitting can significantly increase your risks for cancer and other diseases. They aren’t talking about having a sedentary lifestyle; it is the actual position of sitting that is being discussed. This means it won’t matter how healthy a lifestyle you live, it won’t undo the effect of just sitting for the majority of your day. In fact, new research shows that even sitting for just one hour can undo the effect of a day’s good diet and run around the park.

Why some people are saying “sitting is the new smoking”

The term “sitting is the new smoking” has caught on as a way to try and explain the health impact of sitting. It doesn’t really get it right, as it fails to address that the risk is coming from non-movement – not a carcinogenic habit. Unfortunately, for as flashy and dramatic as that catch phrase is, it could hurt the efforts to educate people about why sitting is so bad for your health. We already know that a sedentary lifestyle is bad, but just sitting at your desk? Yes, just an hour can be a part of what makes you ill – it has to do with the new understanding of how the body functions.

The new thinking about movement

Previously, most of the investigation about movement and exercise has focused on creating a type of snowball effect in the body. Everyone knows that the body keeps burning fat after you exercise as part of the recovery system, so it made sense to think that the same gym session would have lingering benefits for the rest of the body’s systems as well. Turns out, the body doesn’t work like that. Major systems, such as the lymphatic system, are dependent on movement to work correctly. If the lymph system is not in constant motion, then toxins are building in your system and your immune system is impaired. Sitting is one of the worst positions for the human body because it is not in motion and allows gravity to counteract circulation too. As an example, employees that work with storage solutions, and are in constant movement, presents less spinal damage than those who spend the whole day sitting in an office. However, if you need any help with storage facilities take a look at this page.